The Making of a New Product: Food Should Taste Good Real Good Bar Macadamia Chai

February 02, 2016

An interview with Rosanne Ranta, Associate Marketing Manager for Food Should Taste Good.


Back in November, Phil reviewedFood Should Taste Good’s Real Good Bar Macadamia Chai. The product was named a HIT and a Pick of the Week, so we reached out to Rosanne Ranta, Associate Marketing Manager for the company to find out more about how this great snack product was developed.  

What inspired you to create your new product? Is there a particular niche or segment of the market you were focusing on?

We saw an opportunity to bring a unique culinary perspective to the snack bar category, while delivering  a wholesome snack made with our signature premium, simple ingredients. Our expert team took inspiration from traditional European and Indian cuisines and ingredients to create Real Good Bars’ decadent blend of rich flavors.

What makes your product different and able to stand out against similar ones? How important has differentiation been in developing thisproduct?

 Our chef-inspired flavors truly differentiate Real Good Bars from other snack bars in the space. They are available nationwide in two sophisticated flavors, Hazelnut Sea Salt and Macadamia Chai, different from anything else out there. We drew a lot of our flavor inspiration from unique global cuisines to feature a delicious, indulgent blend of nuts, seeds and spices dipped in Fair Trade Cocoa. They are also gluten free, non-GMO, contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, and are certified Kosher – something that we make sure to incorporate in every product that we produce. Our customers have come to expect this type of due diligence.

What was the process like of designing your package, and how do you feel the final result has impacted perceptions of your product?

We wanted to bring the Food should Taste Good brand to this new category, and so we used key elements from the Food Should Taste Good branding. We also love that you can see the great ingredients in our bars.

Does your product have relevant health attributes? What are they? 

Like all of our Food Should Taste Good products, Real Good Bars are gluten free, non-GMO, contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, and are certified Kosher.

What sustainability efforts have you made with your product/packaging?

The sugar and cocoa we source is Fair Trade Certified by Fair Trade USA.

Through creating a new product, what would you say were the most difficult parts of the process and what came the easiest?

Coming up with the concept was easy – we knew that we wanted to provide consumers with a truly delectable snack bar option, which is what we ultimately did. There are challenges with creating any new product, and finding the perfect combination of ingredients takes time and dedication. For Real Good Bars, we wanted every ingredient to complement one another and finding the perfect mix can be quite a science.