Trump Administration Wants to Deregulate the Poultry Industry, Poll Shows Little Approval

November 17, 2017

Eighty-six percent think deregulations on animal processing could have a negative impact.

President Trump has been clear on his aggressive stance when it comes to revising and eliminating regulations that he feels are inhibiting economic growth. In fact, upon moving into the White House, he immediately signed the “two-for-one” executive order, which very simply states that for any new rule introduced, two prior regulations must be removed. As a result, across most federal departments, efforts are underway to overhaul regulations, creating much controversy. 

Using the Trump administration’s stance on deregulation as a motivator, the National Chicken Council is now asking that the USDA change the rule for inspection speed and allow them to operate “at any line speed” rather than the 140 birds per minute limit that the Obama administration established. Keep in mind processing chickens involves the use of sharp tools and toxic chemicals, therefore raising concern by worker safety advocates that speeding up the line could be dangerous for the workers, many who are immigrants and refugees. 

We conducted a poll to check in with our readers and subscribers, a mix of the food industry community as well as consumers, to find out their feelings on changing this rule. Here’s what we found. 

When asked if they feel the limits in animal processing should be revised, 63% said “no,” and 17% said “yes.” Another 20% said “not sure.”

And here’s where the majority appear even more reluctant to support deregulation. We asked our panel, “Do you believe that deregulation of the food industry would have mostly positive or negative consequences?” Eighty-six percent answered “negative,” and only seven percent answered “positive.” Another seven percent said they are “not sure.”