TV themed endcaps and displays

August 17, 2012

Pop culture themed displays and endcaps are a way to create excitement in the supermarket.

Recently, The Seinfeld food truck appeared on the streets of New York, peddling products from food-inpsired moments on the hit television show - the top theme being the unforgettable Soup Nazi! Besides soup, the truck is making its way across America with muffin tops, black and white cookies, Junior Mints, Twix and Snapple.

Food trucks aren't the only ones cashing in on pop culture. From the television show, 30 Rock, the "LIz Lemon Sandwich" has been showing up in restaurants as a special. Epic Deli of Johnsburg, Illinois even posted a youtube video on how to make this pastrami sandwich.

Supermarkets are in a perfect position to follow the lead of these food trucks and restaurants promoting products that remind shoppers of their favorite shows. The great thing about these ideas is that as popular culture changes so frequently, retailers can put together these displays and endcaps easily without a long term commitment to them.

Here's a few ideas to get you started:

THE BIG BANG THEORY: Thai Food Mondays - The comedy of these hyperintelligent roommates/physicists of The Big Bang Theory has earned a 2012 Emmy nomination. The character, Sheldon, a likely candidate for Obsessive Complusive Disorder, in particular sticks to a strict routine when it comes to his eating habits, one of which is Thai food on Mondays. Here's great opportunity for a Monday themed display of Thai food ingredients. And as a bonus, showcase a Thai chef demonstrating how to make Sheldon's favorite dish, Mee Krob with extra peanuts.

MAD MEN: Cocktail Hour - If there's one thing that never seems to change about the Emmy nominated drama, Mad Men, it's that it is always happy hour. And this show comes at a time when cocktail drinks are experiencing lively trends. (See Mixology, for edgier retail) So why not create displays with a few cocktails in mind. Or focus on four different types of martinis with mixers and garnishes. Make your display sleek and upscale looking and call it the "Mad Men Happy Hour."

THE OFFICE: Cafe Disco - Not up for any Emmys this year, but this show has had a string of awards in the past and remains popular with current episodes and older ones in syndication. Who can forget the famous "Cafe Disco" episode where Michael Scott rents a utility closet, hangs a disco ball, cranks some pop music, and makes cappuccinos for the gang. Put together a coffee display including flavored coffees, condiments, cinnamon sticks, coffee cups, etc, that will attract office employees and call it "Cafe Disco." And if you think your customers will really appreciate the humor, add to your display inexpensive miniature disco balls for their desks!

JERSEY SHORE: Sunday Dinner - This show isn't nominated for any 2012 Emmys, although Pauly D believes they 'should have been.' However, don't underestimate the popularity of this reality series that has set ratings records. Amidst Snookie's antics, Sam and Ronnie's relationship ups and downs, or the wild club nights, there's one thing this colorful cast of reality stars traditionally do...Sunday dinner. This usually consists of a feast of mouth-watering Italian dishes prepared by the crew and all enjoyed together around a large table. Create a display of pastas, sauces, cheeses, breads, and wines and call it "Sunday Dinner." Even if your customers don't watch the show, they can appreciate the idea of setting aside one day a week for a special meal together with family and friends.

ICARLY: iOpen a Restaurant - Here's something for the kids inspired the Emmy nominated show iCarly. In this particular episode, Sam and Gibby open a secret restuarant in the basement of their school. Display ingredients for a dish kids can help make and serve in their imaginary restaurant at home. For example, showcase pizza dough, sauce, cheese, and veggie toppings.

Creating an exciting shopping experience is key to winning the loyalty of shoppers. These types of displays can inspire meal ideas, impulse buys, and if anything a few laughs while shoppers make their way through the aisles.