Welcome to Koodies.net

January 04, 2010

We are proud to announce the launch of the Koodies Social Network (www.koodies.net)

We are proud to announce the launch of the Koodies Social Network (www.koodies.net), the place where Koodies, essentially kid foodies, can go to share recipes, post cooking shows, review new kid friendly products or kitchen gadgets, share nutrition and healthy eating tips, enter recipe contests, and even post photos of their favorite and delicious kitchen creations. The site is similar to other popular social networks, but stands out as a place where kids ages 2-16 and their parents can network and share their kitchen experiences and love for all things food; and even more importantly a place where the next generation can learn about food.

Koodies are kids who are, "keenly interested in food, especially eating, cooking or watching reruns of Julia Child. A kid who has an ardent or refined interest in food; a mini-gourmet; usually trained by one or both parents to have an unusual, and sometimes fanatic, desire to eat unusual foods." 

We believe that the move towards a greater awareness about everything food related is a great thing, as our nation and especially our children are deep-set in an obesity crisis. Taking time to think about foods, where they come from, how to prepare meals, and sit down to enjoy them is not something that is practiced or enjoyed by most Americans. Our goal is to acknowledge Koodies and give them a space to share and exchange information with the intent to bring back the positive associations with food that have been lost in the hurried, often hectic, unhealthy, mindless and last-minute decisions (sometimes struggles) about what to eat.    

The Koodies Social Network will serve as a great place for kids and their parents to get together and share tips and stories about food and cooking. The site encourages positive and collaborative experiences, which ultimately help develop a child's self-esteem through a sense of accomplishment by working toward rewarded goals and the ability to share the experience with others. Preparing food and actually seeing where it comes from demystifies ingredients, and kids will in turn be much more apt to eat what they have created. 

We invite all kids and their parents, whether current 'Koodies' or not (they soon will be!) to join the Koodies Social Network atwww.koodies.net and to share their food experiences and adventures as active members of a fun and safe social community. Feel free to forward this column to your friends along with this online brochure (CLICK HERE) that is being delivered to teachers across the country beginning next Monday.

Viva la Koodie!