Steal This Recipe® Double Veal Chop with Cherry Pepper Sauce

December 11, 2014

From Chef and Owner Tony Fantastico of Ancora Ristorante, NY

Stolen ‘con permesso’ from Chef and Owner Tony Fantastico of Ancora Ristorante this impressive dish is deceptively simple to prepare. Ancora Ristorante features classic Northern Italian cuisine; from the appetizing antipasti, daily fresh seafood and finest cuts of meat, no detail has been overlooked.

About the chef: Tony Fantastico started his career in the restaurant business by attending culinary school in Europe for 2 years, hoping to fulfill his dream of coming to America to work in fine dining restaurants. His first assignment was chef’s assistant at Berta’s Château in New Jersey. After a few years he brought his passion to Manhattan, at Alpi restaurant on 48th street. He continued to cultivate his experience in the fine dining restaurant industry, with the hopes of opening a restaurant of his own. 

To learn all aspects of the business he worked at Monsignor, a fine Italian restaurant in mid town, as a waiter. As he started to learn the skills needed to service fine dining he moved on to La Fayette, a French restaurant in midtown Manhattan. In those days ladies were not allowed to wear pants in the dining room and Tony’s experience at La Fayette included the refusal of Jacqueline Kennedy for dinner due to the dress code. Clients who did meet the dress code included Frank Sinatra, David Rockefeller and many other celebrities and members of New York society. From there he moved to Sparks Steak House in Manhattan, continuing to master his fine dining skills, servicing the elite clients of New York City. 

Tony finally decided to move forward with his love of the restaurant business by opening Lorto, located in the financial district, on a handshake partnership. He was finally able to assemble all of the skills he learned over the years and left Lorto to open Ancore Ristorante, with Elio, one of his closest friends in the business.

Ancora Ristorante 
11 Stone Street,
NY, NY 10004

Double-cut Veal Chop in Cherry Pepper Sauce is served at Ancora Ristorante for $43.95 and is often shared. 
This recipe makes 1 or 2 restaurant servings.

Double-cut Veal Chop in Cherry Pepper Sauce Ingredients:
1 Double-cut veal chops from a rack of veal - 19 oz.
2 Cloves of fresh garlic, chopped or sliced
4 Cherry peppers, sliced
1 Holland (red) bell pepper, roasted & sliced
Olive oil – enough to drizzle
1 Cup balsamic vinegar
¼ Cup beef stock
Salt & pepper

Steal This Recipe® Step by Step Instructions:
Lightly salt and pepper each side of the veal chop and drizzle with a little olive oil. 
Grill the veal chop on a hot grill or broiler for about 10 minutes each side until it has a good color and is cooked through to your liking.
Drizzle some more olive oil into a medium sized pan and sauté the garlic. 
Once it has softened and become fragrant, add the sliced cherry and Holland peppers. 
Sauté quickly and add the balsamic vinegar and beef stock. 
Reduce the heat slightly and reduce the sauce until it has thickened, about 3-5 minutes.
Plate the veal chop and drizzle the sauce on top. Serve!

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