Asombroso La Rosa Reposado

Product Reviews
November 23, 2021

It was December 28th 2006 that I did a feature on tequila on the TODAY Show. It was called, how to be come a tequila connoisseur.Weeks prior, when I landed at JFK airport I ran into a very famous and successful LA Laker who was wheeling a cart filled with boxes that were destined to become Christmas gifts for his New York friends. I asked him about the gifts as the outer carton was marked tequila. I explained that I was preparing for my segment on TODAY and looking for unusual and extraordinary tequilas. He opened one of the boxes and handed me a gorgeous bottle and said “here take this – try it, I think you’ll love it.” He was right. Asombroso’s owner Ricardo Gamarra created the first ever Bordeaux-rested reposado. The tequila rests – or ages – in previously used French Bordeaux oak barrels for 3 months which produces one of the most mellow and subtly sweet tequilas I’ve ever tasted. The aroma is heavenly. And the tequila itself is a beautiful shade of pink which is inherited from the Bordeaux that was in the barrels. Asombroso La Rosa Reposado is a hit with one of our highest scores at 98. Most of us think the way to drink tequila is in a shot glass with some salt and a squirt of lime. Stop that! A true tequila aficionado would never do this, as it actually hides the qualities of tequila. The best way to taste La Rosa reposado tequila is to pour in a brandy snifter. Hold the snifter at the base (not the bowl). Swirl the tequila gently for about one minute. Take a small sip, keep between your lips and tip of your tongue for 10 seconds before swishing the tequila around the inside of your mouth, then swallow. Retails for about $50 a bottle and is available at Kroger, Costco and Total Wine & More.  And yes, Asombroso is my favorite tequila since then and still is – and makes a great holiday present. Two other points: Asombroso is the Spanish word for amazing – and please drink responsibly.