Cheetos Bold & Cheesy Mac n’ Cheese

Product Reviews
August 24, 2021

Time for a new product review – and this one is scary. It’s Cheetos Bold & Cheesy Mac n’ Cheese. Look I know during the pandemic we all gravitated to indulgence and products like Mac n Cheese were certainly at the forefront of making us feel better – at least emotionally. I love these letters on the front – pasta with flavored sauce – they can’t even say cheese sauce. And the cheese packet is labeled as Chester’s Cheetos secret seasoning; no worries it has that same iridescent glow in the dark orange coloring from Yellow #6 – no comment. Yes, it does have real cheese – cheddar cheese in fact is the 3rd ingredient and even has a touch of blue cheese listed right before guar gum and xanthan gum– take a gander at this long list of ingredients that follow. It lists 340 calories – but the box is 2.4 servings so that adds up to 816 calories, 33.6 grams of fat and a whopping 1,776 grams of sodium. And it’s not that easy or quick to make – either in the microwave where it takes over 10 minutes, and you must add in milk, butter and water at the correct times. Or on the stove top where it takes 7 minutes and again you must stir in at the right times. I made it on an electric stove top – and sure its tasty…. but that’s it. I do like the fact that they are using fusilli pasta instead of elbow macaroni. Is it a hit? Not even close. Gets a thumbs down with a score of 71. About a buck on Amazon and Walmart.