Dr. Bronner's Magic All One is a HIT!

Product Reviews
September 29, 2021

You probably don't know them as now introducing one of the best lines of chocolate bars I've ever tasted! The brand is MAGIC ALL-ONE  - and one bite and you'll agree. So far, I've tasted three varieties and my favorite one so far is the smooth coconut praline. It’s a huge hit with a score of 96! Made with 70% cocoa and sweetened with coconut sugar this is a smooth rich dark chocolate. Organic, vegan and fair trade certified one bar contains 3 servings - and as they say when the chocolate is great just a small piece is very satisfying. 1/3 of the bar is 160 calories, 11 grams of fat, just 10 mg of sodium (yay!) with 2 grams of fiber 9 grams of sugars of which 8 are added sugars. Made from coconut milk so no dairy. It's expensive but worth it at $5.49 a bar. Inside the wrapper is their story about regenerative farming and their effort to create a Regenerative Organic Certified chocolate bar.