Fruit IQ Organic Fruit Roll Tangy Cranberry

Product Reviews
September 21, 2021

I've never been a fruit roll up guy, until now that is. Fruit IQ is a delicious snack with no added sugars, artificial anything, is non-GMO certified and USDA certified organic. The texture is perfect, and the flavors are designed for you and me - adults - not those sickeningly sweet kids' roll- up flavors. Total Score is 91. Not only can I see just eating it as a snack, but also, I could see using it to make an ice cream sandwich or add some greens and protein and make a fruit tortilla. It's the perfect size at 6-inch round. Proudly made in Brooklyn NYC. Retails for $2.25, only 70 calories, zero fat, zero sodium 15 grams of carbs with 10 grams of naturally occurring sugars and no added sugars. One gram of protein. Two minor points, I really don't like the name as it implies brain health, and the first ingredient isn't cranberries - its organic raisins! Shouldn't it be called tangy raisins, apricots and cranberries? After all that’s the order of the ingredients.