The New SG Daily Insights Tailored to Your Ideas

Product Reviews
January 16, 2018

Happy New Year! To kick off 2018, we are launching a new and improved newsletter designed and tailored from your ideas. Last month we asked our readers for feedback, and based on the results, we created a fresh approach to SG Daily Insights. 

For starters, we will be distributing once a week, on Thursdays, and no longer five days a week. We know how cluttered inboxes get, so we’ve decided to focus on one newsletter per week with a rich and diverse lineup of stories, videos, new product reviews, resources, and must read food news. 

And for every video, you’ll also find the story in text on the same page if you prefer reading rather than watching. 

In addition, we’ve streamlined the design of our newsletter for optimum readability and quick scanning on your mobile device. With no images and split columns, we think you’ll find the new way an easier read and better method for quickly accessing multiple articles. 

For 15 years, it has been a pleasure providing our free newsletter to a wide range of people serving different roles in the food industry as well as consumers. We strive to move and change with the modern world, so thanks for your input and continuing to support our efforts. 

Let us know what you think of the new SG Daily Insights! Send an email to Phil Lempert.