2014 Food Trend Prediction #1

The Lempert Report
November 22, 2013

The Emergence of the “IndieWoman”

From fad diets to droughts, to pop culture and sporting events, every aspect of this country has an effect on upcoming trends in the food world. For 2014, the emergence of a particular sub group of women will change many food makers’ decisions across the board. Who is this mysterious, rising sub group of women, causing such a stir? They are called “IndieWomen” and they are here to stay.

Almost 31 million strong, the “IndieWoman” will be a major food influencer in 2014. So, what defines an “indiewomen”?. They are 27 and older, live alone and have no children. When they are not busy being social or growing their careers, they also enjoy shopping. According to a Milo.com survey, these women have strong affinities to brands and love to hunt for bargains. When it comes to their supermarket habits, “IndieWomen” spend $50 billion on food and beverages each year.

Although by definition this group is ‘alone” , these women tend to build a  strong support system with friends – a sense of sharing and cohesiveness that extends to the kitchen and dining room table.

While eating well is important, time is of the essence for “IndieWomen.” Look for more brands to cater to this type of consumer looking to cook, but who might not have the time for a homemade meal every night. A ConAgra Foods survey conducted by SupermarketGuru.com, which polled the general public, found that 59 percent of all consumers purchased multi-serve frozen meals because of their busy schedules. Because this group has such strong buying power, brands will begin to reach this demographic through the rise of semi-homemade meals that use fresh-tasting, high-quality ingredients like P.F. Chang’s Home Menu® or Bertolli® frozen meals. 

With more of these women in the U.S. than married moms, her presence is on the rise and changing the food industry this coming year.

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