2014 Food Trend Prediction #5

The Lempert Report
December 02, 2013

The New Culinary Schools

Most people know the center of the household is the kitchen. Traditionally, family and friends gather there for good food and good company. In this fast paced and ever-changing world, people are looking for a sense of community and a center outside their home, whether it’s a local coffee shop, recreation center or even a grocery store. In 2014, supermarkets will become a new central hub for consumers to gather and learn from each other.

Taking a cue from what is already occurring in the social media food world, grocery stores are beginning to offer services such as “community cooking centers” where shoppers can collaborate and learn from each other. These social environments will be the perfect place for the aging Millennial population as they are a group that likes to cook, but doesn’t necessarily have the skills to make elaborate meals at home. These new “community centers” will become regular destinations.

Additionally, as consumers are looking for a more “connected culture,” retailers will begin rethinking the layout of the supermarket. We’ll see them offering solution centers where all of the ingredients for certain recipes are found together to bring the recipe-making experience in-store, such as placing noodles and Hunt’s tomatoes next to Kraft® Parmesan Cheese for the perfect pasta dish. Food companies, like ConAgra Foods will partner with retailers to develop solutions that better and more intuitively meet the needs of specific shoppers.

During the next year, the role of the supermarket will change from a place to just pick up groceries to a destination for connecting with family neighbors and friends.

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