2014 Food Trend Prediction #8

The Lempert Report
December 09, 2013

Packaging Evolves to Share More with Consumers

From canned food to cartons, to convenience and safety, packaging plays a very important role when it comes to food production. And now, many shoppers are wanting more. Consumers have become increasingly more interested in knowing every aspect of their food from its origin to customer reviews, so brands are going to start offering those deep insights about the food you are eating right on its package.  

Currently, the surface area of the package is limiting, but consumers are looking for more information. In 2014, look for packaging to become “touch” sensitive to reveal additional information on command. Using an app on a mobile device, consumers will be able to learn more about an ingredient or health claim by simply focusing the mobile device on the product’s label. This technology might also be used to tell where the ingredients come from, who prepared the food, the company’s history and even offer other customer reviews and ratings. 

As convenience is a driving force in almost all aspects of technological advancements, “touch” sensitive packaging will help consumers with their purchasing decisions and make their shopping trips more expedient. It will also decrease the time researching the ins and outs of a particular product, saving time and energy. By sharing everything the consumer wants to know right on the package, grocery stores will become a wealth of knowledge in the upcoming year. 

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