2014 Food Trend Prediction #9

The Lempert Report
December 10, 2013

Millennials Make the Supermarket Social

The Millennial generation is obsessed with social media and as a result social media will begin to overflow into other parts of their lives – like the supermarket. In fact, 57 percent of Pinterest, the pinboard-style photo-sharing website, is made of food related content with 33 percent of Pinterest users saying they have purchased food or cooking items after seeing them on site, according to a survey by PriceGrabber. And there’s still a lot of room for growth: 58 percent of consumers do not have a Pinterest account, and 32 percent said they are not familiar with Pinterest, according to a survey by The RealTime Report.

Grocery retailers are now even beginning to “pin”. For example, one store’s registered dietitian may create an infographic that displays superfoods and their nutritional benefits. Store chefs will begin using Pinterest to show prepared food recipes more often. Amazon.com and other online retailers, such as Google Shopping Express, offer same day delivery and supply back-end technologies, which allow impulse purchasing and home delivery of all the ingredients for a particular recipe. The next evolution will be “click to buy” for consumers looking to purchase ingredients for a recipe on Pinterest or other social media platforms.

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