2018 Food Trend #9 - Politics & Food

The Lempert Report
January 12, 2018

This is not about political parties – but an overview of where we are today and what is coming.

The USDA is one of the most powerful and largest government agencies.

Food Policy Action has created a scorecard that clearly depicts that food has now become a bi-partisan issue as many existing regulations are being dismantled.

To date there have only been 6 bills to score. And the votes have been along party lines.

These are the upcoming Senate Bills.

And the Upcoming House Legislation.

Among the most troubling to food businesses has been the withdrawal form the Paris Climate Agreement.

We Are Still In is a commitment that is heavily supported by Food – farmers and ranchers and CSA’s but few retailers have signed on to continue the tenants of the Agreement. Check it out at wearestillin.com.

I see two important focused efforts that will impact our food world in 2018. The first is the San Francisco ordinance that requires retailers to report antibiotic use by meat and poultry suppliers. Mill Valley across the Golden Gate was where the ban on Trans Fats started, and this ordinance could well expand across the country.

The second is the Farm Bill – which sets in place for a 5 year period eating and farming policy. We expect this Farm Bill to have the most debate in decades. Oregon Congressman Earl Blumenthal has put together a terrific review of his position and the issues at hand. The Fight for Food is well worth the read as we gear up for what I believe will be the most controversial debates on the Farm Bill we have witnessed in our lifetimes.

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