3D Printed Food

The Lempert Report
March 09, 2022

Phil: Hey, let's talk about 3D printed food. 

Sally: Yes. Well, if you're anything like me, it's hard to imagine how 3D printed food fits into your life. It's, it's hard to imagine how it works. I, 

Phil: I love this idea and, you know, we've, we've talked, I guess probably about four years, that, that you can now buy, and it's relatively inexpensive for what it is. I, I think it's like 500 bucks. You can buy a 3D printer that makes pizza. 

Sally: Well, my son, just this weekend ask for a 3D printer and I told time I had absolutely no idea how much they cost. It's good to know. Well, 

Phil: But the one, yeah, the, the one for pizza is $500, I think that's all it does, but there's different 3D printers that do different things that, that can make you know, make screw and make, you know, plastic things and stuff like that. So I don't know what all that cost is. 

Sally: Well, apparently the, the, the big upside to this technology developing more and more is that, is that it could cut down on food waste tremendously, and it can also address food insecurity by making foods with less desirable ingredients, look more attractive and more appealing. 

Phil: Yeah. And, you know, I've talked a long time about the idea when you go into a supermarket and you see these beautiful cakes, and, and pastries that in fact, if, if, and fact we could have a 3D printer there, they wouldn't have that kind of waste. Cause whenever you go into, you know, your Kroger, you know, down the street, you see, you know, probably a hundred different cakes that are there at the end of the day. If they don't sell, they've got either donate them or, or toss them. And this way I could just go in on my phone plug in what ingredients I wanted if I want less sugar, more sugar what color icing I want to put on it, any writing on it. And they could just print my take, as I'm shopping the rest of the store, I, I am a huge fan of, of 3d printers, but the reality only is that they really haven't progressed all that much. What, what this one report is saying is that the current market value is growing at an annual rate of 46% for 3d printed food and expected to reach a value of $525 million by next year. 

Sally: Wow. 

Phil: So, you know, get ready by, by, by Eli that 3d printer. And he could make 

Sally: Better. Yes. Maybe it's closer than he thought.

Phil: He can, he can make dinner.