4 Kid Friendly Holiday Party Tips

The Lempert Report
December 23, 2014

What do kids really want this holiday season?

If you're hosting these holidays and still need to stock up your fridge and pantry with some kid proof ideas, here are some of our favorites. First, what’s a holiday celebration without egg nog? Leave out the alcohol and make this holiday classic kid friendly. Save on waste with Borden Egg Nog in Tetra Pak packaging, these cartons with new re-sealable tops are easier to open, pour, and most importantly when your kitchen is overflowing, these shelf safe cartons will stack up nicely in your pantry. 

When it comes to keeping kids hydrated through all the holiday excitement, keep them happy with a holiday punch using your favorite juice products! Take for example, Juicey Juice 100% Juice Boxes, vitamin and mineral blend and for a fun holiday punch blend it with something like Vita Coco kids. This naturally fruit flavored Coconut Water comes with half the sugar and half the calories of leading fruit juices.

Next,  if you’re worried about the kids filling up on too much junk food, keep on hand something that’s simple to just heat up and serve.  Like Pacific Foods Mac n Cheese or Pasta O’s.  This all natural Mac n Cheese is a kid favorite, and Pasta O’s has 2 full servings of vegetables from carrot, celery, spinach and other veggies, which makes it simple and nutritious. Both are packaged in cartons for easy pantry storage, and once opened just keep leftovers in the fridge, no more throwing away unused foods!

And finally, try a new spin on chocolate with this fun combination of trendy superfood, edamame with chocolate! Seapoint Farms Edamame Crunch with Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate can be a ‘better for you’ addition to the usual chocolate pickings. The Edamame Crunch is a gourmet chocolate bar with dry roasted edamame for a sweet with salty flavor and 10 grams of soy protein to each 3.5 oz. bar!   Break pieces up in a bowl and give the kids a new flavor to talk about!  

Merry Christmas!