A Gen-Z Marketplace

The Lempert Report
December 09, 2022

Phil: Claire Spackman has created a new company, it's called ConsumerHaus, which is a fully curated online market looking to become a central grocery shopping hub for Generation Z and what she's doing, which is really smart, she's personally now this is gonna launch on January 3rd. She's personally writing the story of all the brands that she has. I think she's got about 700 products from a hundred different brands, food, beverage products, health and wellness goods, pet supplies and personal care items. And she's saying that basically Generation Z wants a more in-depth shopping experience online. They wanna know the, the nitty gritty of the startup story for each brand that Generation Z and choose Generation Z tends to gravitate towards while they're shopping. What do you think is this a format that could work? 

Sally: I think that this is so smart and I'm 100% on board for a lot of the things that she is talking about that she's doing with this company. One thing that I really love is that she's writing each brand that they take on as a partner. She is writing their brand story herself. And they're featuring, they're doing an Instagram series where they're doing what they call founder features, where they actually have the founders of these companies in a video talking about how they found the company, how they created this product, where their idea came from. And I think it is really, really in touch with this Gen z, age demographic. And, you know, they're, they're gonna be turning, I think this age demographic is gonna be turning 26, 27 years old in the next year. So when we think Gen Z, we think, oh, they're so young, but they're actually, they're almost 30 and they have money to buy things. 

Sally: They have jobs now they're out of college. So this is, this is a very interesting concept to me, and I wanted to share one quick example with you, Phil, that I thought of with this, is I thought about my son who is Gen Z, and this weekend he came to me and asked me about buying a band t-shirt. And he said, you know, mom, the band t-shirt that I like is on their website being sold by the band, but it's also being sold on Amazon. And he said, I don't want you to buy it on Amazon. I want you to buy it from the band because I've read about the band, I know their story, and I wanna make sure that all this money that on this t-shirt goes to the band and not Amazon. And to me, that was a great example of this generation and how much they care about the people that they're buying from. 

Phil: I agree. And, you know, a brick and mortar example of, of this is Air One here in Southern California that's doing the same thing as Claire is trying to do. And I think that it's really smart, and I do think not only generation Z, but all generations, you know, really want a smarter, better shopping experience. So look for Consumerhaus it's gonna launch in January and we're gonna keep an eye on it to make sure we understand everything that's going on there and how we in the food industry can learn from these entrepreneurs that are really, you know, paving a whole new way of retail and, and how you sell food and beverages and building that relationship with the shopper.