A new kind of "Food Truck"

The Lempert Report
October 23, 2014

The innovative company Saffron Road has taken advantage of a current cultural phenomenon.

Sometimes being innovative means taking advantage of cultural phenomenon’s.  For food companies and entrepreneurs, when a trend strikes you have to move fast and innovate at lightning speed. Take for example, Saffron Road… a food company who’s decided to capitalize on the latest food crazes.  The Food Truck.

Jack Acree, Executive Vice President, Saffron Road 

We saw an opportunity to bring a product that's clearly resonating with consumers to the supermarket shelves in a much quicker fashion than most companies do.  This process took about 6 months from beginning to end.  We worked really quickly, so this ideation process was really less than 6 months to make this happen and we basically started with an authentic Korean taco the way that it would be done. And then through the development process it became clear that in order to freeze the product properly we needed something to hold it together so instead of it being a normal box or sleeve why not make it a truck and really complete the circle.   We’re really happy with our designers at Bright Design who helped us put this together so that we could really get something that’s fun. And try to create some fun in the frozen category as some people are probably aware, is having a little difficulty.

Phil: Saffron Road has been innovative in several other elements of the food world as well. Not only a pioneer halal food brand but a company that has respond to shoppers’ desire for “ethical consumerism”:

Jack: Started as an idea to have a product line Halal certified, nationally distributed to make products available to the significantly large American Muslim population, that really doesn't have access to Halal certified foods in the way that Jewish population would with kosher food. One thing we’re very proud of here at Saffron Raod is that we were the first company in the world that was non GMO certified. That was our Chana Saag that we launched back in 2013.  This was before Whole Foods made the announcement about GMO labeling, its’ something we’ve been on the Vanguard of and very important for us.  Not just for non-GMO’s and gluten free.  It’s another Hallmark of what we do at Saffron Road is transparency and anytime we make a claim we always have it 3rd party verified.