A Robot Chef?

The Lempert Report
July 07, 2023

Let's talk a bit about technology. So the researchers from the University of Cambridge have taken a robot and made the robot into a chef. And what's interesting about this is the chef, after watching the researchers actually making dishes, the AI that's been utilized and probably some machine learning as well is actually able to emulate exactly what these human chefs did perfectly. So I guess one of the questions that I have for you is this. Is this the solution for our labor shortage and fast food and not even fast food in other restaurants that we can train these robots and put them making our food?

Sally: That's a great question, and for some businesses, it may seem like a great solution. I don't know how many consumers out there would like to have a robot making their food, in the case of this robot chef. This robot chef learned eight salad recipes and then also was able to create a ninth recipe on its own from learning those eight recipes, which is incredible. Technology is incredible, and the things that we're doing with AI can be very useful and provide a lot of solutions. I, for one, would like a human to make my salad.

Phil: I don't know. I will take issue with that. I mean, when I look at food safety issues and I look at all those other problems, I might want a robot to actually be making my foods for me, who knows?