A Smart Frying Pan

The Lempert Report
May 19, 2016

Pantelligent allows you to cook everything from mushroom risotto to salmon to steak.

A Smart Frying Pan might just be the perfect Christmas gift for those non-foodies out there. Our Annual SupermarketGuru Consumer Panel Survey tells us that nearly 75% want better cooking skills and the Pantelligent might be one answer. It’s a frying pan that actually cooks dinner for you. Well almost. George Jetson might be a little bit disappointed. 

Here’s how the self-cooking pan works. First, you find a recipe on your Pantelligent app. Each recipe has detailed prep steps and tips. Then, you press the “Start Cooking” button, and the pan takes over. The pan has a built in temperature sensor that talks to their app on your mobile device. It communicates with on-screen and audio notifications.  

The pan will lets you know when it is at the perfect temperature to start cooking, tells you when to adjust heat, flip over your food and even stir in other ingredients from the recipe and of course tells you when your food is done cooking. Works on electric or gas stove tops.  

According to the company, you can cook everything from mushroom risotto to salmon to steak. The 12 inch, 2.5 lb. non-stick cast aluminum pan lists for $249, is discounted to $199, plus you’ll get a further discount code when you register your email address.