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The Lempert Report
September 21, 2023

Acosta Group has released the results of its annual online grocery shopping study and you know they've got a proprietary shopper community that they talked about, and what they found over the last year is 55% of grocery shoppers buy online groceries, at least some of the time. Frequent online grocery shoppers are up to 50%, and also, what's most important, is they're now purchasing perishables, including breads, pastries, dairy produce and frozen, which to me, really signifies the fact that grocers are getting better at picking produce and meats. In the beginning of online delivery, that was the number one complaint that these pickers just didn't know how to do produce, and I think, as these retailers are moving away from Instacart and they're doing it more themselves, their staff is better prepared for it. 49% of online shoppers are now starting at a retailer's website or app, not a third party, and 85% are using digital coupons, and I think that one of the key takeaways that Acosta Group has is that online grocery shoppers, especially millennials, are highly likely to purchase and try new items and are very likely to buy on impulse. 

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