Alexa Loves Food

The Lempert Report
September 28, 2017

There is a new Alexa skill helps you combat food waste.

There is a new Alexa skill helps you combat food waste.

To make it easier to prevent waste at home, Amazon's personal assistant,  can tell you how to store food, whether a vegetable should be tossed, or how to thaw that frozen steak that has been sitting there for a couple of years. The Save The Food skill was added and comes with NRDC's updated report on food waste. The report is a refresh on 2012 data about the environmental, social, and economic impacts of wasted resources.   

About 20 percent of food waste is a result of us misreading those misleading expiration dates. Most talk about peak freshness vs. a food safety issue And across the pond, Ocado has become the first British supermarket to strike a deal with Amazon's Alexa which allows customers to order food to be delivered to their homes simply by issuing a voice command. 

As well as ordering food customers will be able to add a product to an existing order or basket, find out which products are in season and receive inspiration for the best ways to include them in recipes. 

Lawrence Hene, marketing and commercial director at Ocado, said: 'Consumer demand for increasingly convenient ways to shop is growing rapidly and we're excited to be the first supermarket in the UK to offer this technology, making customers' lives ever easier.' 

Go Alexa.