Amazon Fresh Incentive

The Lempert Report
July 11, 2022

Phil: I just love being an Amazon prime member. So, Sally, this is blowing me away. Not only do I get all these, you know, the free shipping, the free music, the free e-books and so on. But the latest news is they're going to make me love Amazon even more. What's up?

Sally: Yes, well, as of June 29th, prime members can now get 20% off in store. This is in the Amazon Fresh Stores. If they go in, they can get 20% off of selected items. They're there featuring different items, I believe weekly. They're also giving prime members 20% off of prepared food. So on Mondays, it's the salad bar, on Tuesdays it's sandwiches.

Sally: On Wednesdays it's soup and something special for each day.

Phil: This is really a smart idea because, number one, you have mentioned this repeatedly. The economy is tough for a lot of people. Getting 20% off is substantial. And also, in addition to the food service offerings, every week, they'll have ten different items. So this past week, organic, 100% grass-fed ribeye steak planet oat, original oatmilk 3.65 by Whole Foods Market Brussel Sprouts Fresh Brand Broccoli Stir Fry Hidden Valley Gluten Free Salad Dressing Every day value cage free, non-gmo, large, brown green eggs.

Phil: The list goes on. And what I'm hoping that they're going to do and certainly what they want to do is push people value and freshness. But I'd also like them to use this for health. So yeah, Hidden Valley Original Ranch, gluten free salad dressing, you could argue, is a healthier product, but I'd really like them to have at least half these items every week fall under health and wellness, whether it's low fat, low sodium, vegan, whatever.

Phil: It gets people a chance to really try these. And, you know, Amazon Fresh is growing by leaps and bounds. There are 34 stores. I would estimate that they're going to have probably 50 by the end of the year, if not more. And it's a great new way to get more people to join Amazon Prime. I mean, if you're saving 20% on these kinds of items, you're, you know, you're saving the annual subscription, you know, and in two or three shopping visits.

Sally: Exactly. And I agree with you, these products are typically higher priced items that maybe people just don't try because they don't think they can afford those. And so knocking 25, 20% off of that is really going to help people try some other items.

Phil: Yeah. Good for you. Amazon Fresh. It would be nice to see if in fact they actually expand it to Whole Foods because then it would really have an impact with all of those hundreds of stores. But in the meantime, we will take what we get. And I'm fortunate that AmazonFresh is in California, so you know where I'm going.