An Innovative Food Kickstarter We Believe In

The Lempert Report
February 18, 2016

How Huerta Del Valle is helping it's community

Huerta del Valle (HDV), in Ontario California where the childhood obesity rates are among the highest, is one of thousands of community gardens and urban agriculture projects in the United States making up the “good food revolution,” and they have turned to Kickstarter to raise $17,000 in 30 days. The community program allows its members to grow their own foods: kale, broccoli, arugula, carrots, beets, onions, chilies, and tomatoes. Their goal is to have such a garden planted at every mile in the city. 
Huerta del Valle has 62 families participating in the project and produces thousands of pounds of food each year, which is all organic and can be bought for just $1/lb. Talk about availability, simplicity and affordability!
So why do they need $17,000?  To build four innovative environmentally sustainable structures that would create space to host events, classes, and workshops that will offer courses from how to make organic compost to learning English and from nutritional recipe making to computer skills.  What they found was that almost all of the gardeners are Mexican American immigrants who find opportunity, friendship, health, relaxation, and motivation in the garden and HDV is working to create living wage farm jobs through organic agriculture.