Another DNA Testing Kit Hits The Market

The Lempert Report
September 06, 2018

This time for our brains!

And it’s being sold at Albertsons. It’s a partnership with Genomind, a medical tech company that uses genetics to find solutions to healthcare issues—primarily mental health. 

Through the partnership, a DNA test offered by Genomind will be made available to patients who are customers of the pharmacies in a select number of Albertsons grocery stores. The test assesses patient-specific genetic markers that help indicate how an individual will respond to psychiatric treatments by evaluating 18 genes identified to be relevant to issues ranging from depression and anxiety to autism and substance abuse, as well as the known interactions these genes have with 122 FDA-approved medications.

The DNA test must be recommended by a specially trained pharmacist looking out for patterns of customers' psychiatric prescriptions switching up more frequently than average—a sign that the patient and their prescribing doctor are having a hard time narrowing down what types of medications work for them and the test is designed to help narrow the scope for a medication regimen that works.

The pharmacist would talk with the customer, who would then talk to their doctor, who could then place an order for the test, like any other prescription. 

Albertsons will launch this offering to a few dozen stores in Boise, Chicago, and Philadelphia before expanding.