Another Reason To Embrace Drones

The Lempert Report
November 28, 2017

We have been focused on using drones to deliver foods and other goods and for aerial video footage, but there is another more pressing reason for us to embrace drones.

As of February 2017 – the last data available - drones have saved at least 59 lives in 18 different incidents, prompting local companies to send drones to areas affected by Hurricane Harvey. 

According to Mike Winn of DroneDeploy a drone mapping software with the largest drone data platform in the world ”with an FAA-sanctioned plan, drones could aid even more in emergency situations and save hundreds of lives”. 

And he offers some interesting examples: 

Drones are 6X quicker than rescuers—while a 5-person rescue team needs 2 hours to find a victim, a drone can find that same victim in 20 minutes. They also keep rescuers safe by relaying live images of the scene, ensuring rescue operations can be planned with minimal risk.   

Drones can safely deliver supplies like rescue ropes and life jackets in perilous situations (like raging floodwaters) which are too dangerous for rescuers to attempt. 

Natural disasters leave victims with extreme property damage. Commercial drones, which can aerially survey damage, can help insurance adjusters scope out the scene when roads are dangerous or impassable. 

Perhaps its time for us to get over our fears and let drone technology do what it can; and for the time being shift its priorities to the areas that need help rather than imagining a drone delivering an ice cream cone.