Avocado Surplus

The Lempert Report
October 26, 2022

Phil: Talking about health, avocados hit Philadelphia hard. So there's a non-profit group called Sharing Excess who gave out cases of free avocados. These avocados came from Peru. Now, 90 plus percentage of all avocados sold here in the US come from Mexico. Mexico's had some issues with the avocado crop. They've also had some pricing issues. We also had that border closed, if you remember when the cartel was threatening, you know, a food inspector. So what's happened is Peru decided to give away cases and cases of avocados. And, you know, FarmLink project, they're a California based nonprofit. They worked with Philadelphia and they gave out 230,000 avocados and also another 150,000 avocados to Philadelphia food banks. I love this story. 

Sally: I do too, Phil. And you know, I mean, we love our avocados, and it was painful when the price was increasing and it seemed like there was going to be a shortage. Iit is an alternating plant. And so apparently the Mexican crop this past year was the year of it not being as fruitful, But isn't this impressive how we can handle getting 230,000 avocados and then another 150,000 avocados into the hands of people to get eaten before they go to waste. It says a lot about what we can do with food and make sure that it isn't wasted. 

Phil: Exactly. And you know, as we've said, thousands of times, 40% of all of our food in this country is wasted. So whatever we can do to prevent that, it's great. And when you look at avocado, which has now become a mainstream for so many people this was kind of cool and you didn't have to prove that, you know, you were needy or anything else that just show up and they'll give you a case of avocados. Very cool.