Beverage Industry 2022 Predictions

The Lempert Report
November 29, 2021

I’m sure your in-box is flooded with food predictions for 2022. By the way, you’ll be receiving ours soon as well. On most lists this year is that the beverage industry is changing dramatically and moving towards alcohol free beverages and away from hard seltzers, beers and wines. Tequila doesn’t have to worry as in the last five years it has seen 41% growth in the category according to Impact Databank.

In fact, according to MarketWatch tequila is the hottest spirits category and a lot of the growth has come from “top shelf” tequilas. What we are seeing is that consumers want to be healthier and moving towards less often, but higher quality spirits. Gablinger’s diet beer was developed in 1967 by a chemist that worked for Rheingold – it flopped but started the lite beer category that Miller Lite perfected and made successful. Because of brands like Miller and Michelob Ultra who targeted their beverages to the calorie and carb-conscious they reinforced the image that drinking was contrary to having a healthy lifestyle which led to the success of craft non-alcoholic brews and cocktails. We are also seeing on the trend watcher lists more about CBD laced beverages – quite possibly the future replacements of alcohol-based brews as CBD continues to tout itself as a health and wellness product.

I have little doubt that this category will be changing dramatically over the next few years. Watch this space.