Black Owned Food Businesses

The Lempert Report
February 23, 2023

February is Black History Month. You found some black-owned restaurants during Black History Month and how we can access them. Tell us a bit about that. 

Sally: Yes, it's so easy and, you know, Phil, I took my daughter to the mall this weekend to go shopping and I was really excited about a couple of the stores we went to and bought something. They were taking donations for certain black organizations. One was for a mental health organization and one was to help black girls with opportunities. And I also love that so many people are using the Roundup method now. Instead of saying, do you wanna donate a dollar? Do you wanna $2? The rounding up method seems like it would compel people more. They don't feel like it's hurting their wallet so much. So I just wanted to say that first, that that is fantastic. But also if this month or any time of the year, if you wanna go and support black-owned businesses, you can go on Uber Eats, DoorDash, caviar, whichever platform you use, probably you can search on Yelp, you can search on Google, you can just look for black-owned restaurants. And there you can look locally what is in your area and support them. And I think this is just a wonderful thing that I did not even know was happening on these sites. So, hopefully they're promoting it better because I haven't heard a lot about it. But, yes, it's a great opportunity to support our black-owned businesses. 

Phil: And also, we always talk about ethnic cuisine, and we look outside the US borders, what's gonna be hot, you know, Pakistani foods this week, Thai Foods the next week and so on. And it would be great to be able to look at some of the cultural foods right here in the US that exist and be able to try them. And those delivery services, as you described, make it really easy and really simple for us. Also there are a couple apps Eat Okra, both for the iPhone and the Android. You can get that, that'll have it. There's the National Black Guide, that has just under 1300 food, dining and health and fitness organizations. And Eat featured over 4,000 black owned eateries around the world. So another way to celebrate Black History Month without getting political and just getting like some good food for a change. So thanks Sally.