Bon Appetit Trends

The Lempert Report
January 19, 2023

Phil: We found this great story in Bon Appetit, put together by Serena Dai the internet food culture in review from the most delicious to the most distressing. I love this chart that, that they put together. And I know it's very hard to read, but on the top it says delicious at the bottom, distressing one side staying power, the other side blip energy. 

Phil: And, when we go through this, there's some things that I wouldn't even think about. So in that Staying Power Delicious quadrant, what they have is the Negroni drink. And Negroni is a big deal now. In fact, I was just at a restaurant, forgot where I was, they had a whole Negroni menu of different drinks made with different negronis. Pilk, and I'll explain that in a second. Sexy Dirtbag Chefs, those were all in the Delicious and staying power. So when I look at pilk, basically it's Lindsay Lohan is the spokesperson for it and it's basically Pepsi with milk.

Sally: Isn't that with Laverne from Laverne and Shirley used to drink, she always drank milk and Pepsi?

Phil: Oh, I don't remember that. And then under the Delicious Blip Energy, rotisserie Chicken Man, Kendall Jenner's cucumber cut, which I didn't realize that Kendall Jenner knew how to cut a cucumber, Olivia Wild's salad dressing. And, I'm not sure that that's a thing at all. The Corn Kid, you know, which was a viral moment on the internet. When, when we go through some of these other things those that are distressing and have staying power, let's talk about those. 

Sally: When I looked at this list, you know, some of the things that really came to my attention were a couple of things that we've talked about on the show here, and one of those being the green M&M's, how they changed. We talked about how they changed the green M&M, they took off her high heels and they put on sneakers on her and, you know, to give her a little bit more empowered woman look. And people didn't like it very much when they changed that M&M's. And then we've also talked about these charcuterie boards. There's butter boards, we're talking about fish boards. Now this has becoming a very, very popular trend. And so, you know, that one seems to have some staying power there. And yeah, there was another one that caught my attention too, which was the pink sauce, Phil. And, you know, my kids have brought up this to me. They said, "do you know what pink sauce is?" And immediately what came to mind for me was pink slime. Remember when we were talking about pink slime years ago? And we were completely grossed out. So I'd like to suggest to the 29 year old who developed this sauce in Florida that maybe he come up with a different name, but it is very popular and he is selling it for $20 a bottle. So, you know, maybe there's some staying power there. 

Phil: Who knows? The weirdest one for me is this whole idea of butter boards. And for those who have not heard of butter boards, basically what it is, it's soft butter. The same way that you would have cheese, on a board, and it has different toppings that you could put on your butter. It has honey and nuts and things like that. And, you know, I think if I had a butter board, I would gag. I mean, I like butter on my toasts and stuff, but a butter board just doesn't work.