California Food Waste

The Lempert Report
April 22, 2022

You might have noticed that there's a new California legislation that took place in January mandates that national retailers, including Amazon and Kroger, as well as small grocery and C-stores donate unsold food that redirects anything at of, from landfills and compost, anything inedible, it takes cities and counties with formulating local plans, a statewide goal of recovering 20% of edible food by 2025. But there's a problem with this. The problem is that what we're hearing from all the food banks is they cannot for because of the price of gas to go pick up this food. So we're playing this balancing act that says, okay, you can have all this food. We wanna feed people from food banks, but we can't afford to pick it up. So there's a new app that just came out. It is called five 30 food rescue. So five 30 food rescue that connects restaurants and grocery stores to volunteers. So check it out. If it's in your area, please help. Because those of us that, that are in California, we've got all this food, we can't get it to the food banks and frankly, that's a problem.