Can Computers Be the Answer For Healthier Diets?

The Lempert Report
September 24, 2019

Food computers from the Open Agriculture Initiative can take the guess-work out of growing the crops for our future.

These computers are designed to help us all have a part in figuring out how to maximize food production, nutrition, and distribution all over the globe.

The Open Agriculture Initiative (OpenAg) has created food computers that measure the best factors to grow the most nutritious crops that’ll feed the world.

Historically, Samantha Burns writes on, our approach to feeding the world has been to increase the amount of food grown. 

More food equals more people fed. Unfortunately, the nutritional values and diversity of plant species have been put aside. And it’s these factors that are needed to have healthy populations.

Lead by researcher Caleb Harper out of MIT’s Media Lab, OpenAg, an open-sourced technology, is inviting the world to discover for themselves the best environmental factors for certain plants to grow.

This innovation allows us to peer into the past and present environments to see what has and will produce the best food! 

These computers skip over a typical expensive trial and error process. Due to their design, they allow us to test how plants would react in any environment imaginable.