Caviar has Half of a Good Idea.

The Lempert Report
April 16, 2019

Caviar, a food delivery app, highlights at the top of its app its partner restaurants that are owned, led or have a head chef that is a woman

It’s a limited list so far and the app allows users to nominate additional restaurants.

Caviar partnered with Pineapple Collaborative, a platform for women to talk about and share experiences with food, so the section on the app is called “Women-Powered with Pineapple.”  Caviar says it plans to host events with women-led restaurants in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, and DC to raise their awareness; and of course awareness of their app.

While Caviar does list the restaurants, they do not include any more details about the women, or their photos – which seems like a missed opportunity to me.

But the biggest opportunity that I feel they are missing in this era where we demand transparency and knowing everything about our foods – is to do this for every restaurant whether they be women or men leaders and include their photos, a brief bio and any awards that they may have won. 

You might disagree with me and say that’s what Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is for – and as Facebook changes its model and becomes more of a platform for ordering food and other things, to be able to bundle it all together makes sense.  And lets not forget Alexa. Call up the name of a restaurant and you’ll get the address and phone, Yelp ratings and most times the photo of one of their dishes. But nothing about the chef or owner.

It’s a missed opportunity for these businesses to get closer to the consumer – and an idea that Grocerants could and should embrace. Why not have your chef – male or female – build a relationship with customers?