Cell Cultivated Meat

The Lempert Report
July 19, 2023

The USDA has approved for upside foods the first ever cell cultivated meat. It's chicken, it's going to come from chicken, and what they've actually done, which was interesting, is they're partnering it with Bar Crenn, which is a James Baird award winning chef, restaurateur and activist Dominique Crenn to launch the product. What do you think? Do you think that cell-based chicken is going to make it?

Sally: Well, we'll have to see how it tastes and how consumers respond to it, but it is definitely a game changer as far as globally thinking about the possibility of these lab created meats becoming a good replacement to help with the environmental concerns that we have, with concerns over humane treatment of animals. Just looking at our health and nutrition overall, maybe there are some helpful nutrients as they cultivate these meats and develop them that could help us.

Phil: The big question still out there, besides taste, as you point out, is cost. The cell-based products are very expensive initially, and whether or not the cost is going to come down to be something that we can have at something that's not a James Baird winning award restaurant. Yet to be seen.