Co-workers Stealing Your Food and Food For Instagram

The Lempert Report
August 25, 2016

Here's what's happening this week in Food News!

A new survey from Peapod reports that 71 percent of people had food and drinks stolen from a work refrigerator.  And it appears that it’s the men’s fault. Men were nearly twice as likely as women to admit to have taken food that didn't belong to them. One solution is having your company follow the likes of Google and other Silicon Valley businesses that offer free food around the clock – the other way is to store your foods in anti-theft sandwich bags. No there is not a lock on the bag but rather the bags are designed to be visually deterrent – bags printed with spots of green mold, insects or other mouthwatering designs.

A Chef Who Put the Food Second, and the Presentation First

Geoffrey Lee chef/owner of the San Francisco area restaurant Ju-ni told the San Francisco Chronicle that he designed his food presentations specifically for taking pictures and having his patrons post them on social media sites like Instagram. One example? A 12-item sushi presentation that costs $90 that is set on a long, sleek wood handled spoon. 

According to Michael Bauer, arguably one of the best food writers in the nation, this sushi restaurant is designed to cater to a younger generation of diners. He says that “unlike most sushi restaurants that have a soft cocoon-like feel, Ju-ni is open and bright, as if to create the best environment to snap photos of his alluring parade of intricately conceived sushi: salmon roe topped with frozen shaved monkfish liver; unagi warmed by a blow torch with delicate gold-leaf flakes dancing on top; and amberjack with the heady aroma of just shaved lime grated over the top”.

What can our supermarket prepared foods sections learn from Lee?