Colorful Delivery

The Lempert Report
March 17, 2022

Phil: What about Ford? Ford is doing something interesting.

Sally: Yes. And I absolutely love this story. Big kudos to the Ford company. They are testing, self-driving electric vehicles and what they're doing to, to test this is they're delivering food to, challenged communities, senior communities in Detroit. But what they also did, which is a, such a wonderful part of it is they commissioned, a teenager, a teenage art student to create sign for this food truck. And it's beautiful. It, it's all about equality, it's all about community. And I just think it's a wonderful thing that they're doing. 

Phil: Yeah, I agree. And, and certainly coming out of the pandemic. I think that everybody has, has a new appreciation for each other. And certainly now with what's going on with the Ukraine where we're seeing a lot of people stepping up, to see what they can do to help Ukraine, not only by giving them money, but, but just having the emotion, for this, you know, fabulous centuries old, you know, culture and so on. You know, my hope is when we get past the pandemic, when we get past, you know, Ukraine and, and hopefully, you know, they're, they're successful in their effort to thwart Russia, that what we'll see is we'll see a new sense of community. And, and that's what we've been lacking, I think for probably good decade. I had a conversation with,, with someone the end of last week, you know, and, and not to get politics involved, but, you know, Dan Quayle, you know, 20 years ago, more than 20 years ago really cautioned us about losing that family unit. 

Phil: And hopefully, you know, he, he had a warning sign for that, even though he couldn't spell potato, but you know, a warning sign and, and hopefully we're now going back, to, to that.