Cory Booker- Climate Movement

The Lempert Report
March 09, 2022

Sally: Hi Phil. Senator Cory Booker is frustrated that the climate movement is not talking enough about food. He's saying that big food is the most powerful lobby of all, and that their influence is causing destruction to our environment by leaving a little controlled in the agricultural industry. 

Phil: Well, what's interesting is he warns in a video, with the New York times, the videos called meet the people getting paid to kill our planet. What he said as is we're past a national emergency, as it relates to this, he says, he's very frustrated that the incredible climate movement doesn't talk enough about food. You cannot solve the climate problem unless you fix the American and global food systems. So I guess my question is, oh, one, one other fact that I found shocking to me, less than 1% of us subsidies go towards vegetable farming less than 1% and, and we constantly are seeing how the FDA, you know, and USDA is giving out all these subsidies and so on, but I had no idea. There was just less than 1% that went to produce. 

Sally: I was really surprised by that information as well. And I wonder if, you know, now that we're moving towards more consumers wanting plant-based foods and we are being encouraged more and more to incorporate fruits and vegetables into our diet. If, if we're gonna, you know, start finding a little bit more balance with that with meat production and vegetable production. 

Phil: Yeah. It's, it's real interesting. Well, good for good for Booker again, New Jersey guy, North New Jersey.