Costco's Mango Smoothie

The Lempert Report
June 27, 2023

On today’s Bullseye, Costco’s latest treat – a mango smoothie has come under severe criticism. This smoothie push aside their berry smoothie and lots of Costco customers are upset. Laura & Rachel are two sisters who run the YouTube, TikTok and Facebook channel CostcoHotFinds. They pronounced the Mango Smoothie “it’s huge and delicious”! And good for Costco – it only costs $2.99 – most smoothies this size will set you back between $5 and $7 dollars.

Laura & Rachel’s followers all don’t agree with their review. Some say that the color is unappetizing, others say it tastes sour, yet others said it tastes and its texture reminds them of baby food. The Costco smoothie doesn’t have any sugars added, which is a good thing, but I must wonder if the Costco customer is a mango consumer. The smoothie is made from mango puree and for those who know mangos, depending on the ripeness and time of year mangoes can be a bit sour – which is why most mango products add sugars to balance the taste. One follower applauded the smoothie and said “we love it! It’s super clean ingredients – so this allergen mama is happy! Until we can cleanse the American palate of sugar, salt and fat, there will always be a controversy over what real food taste like. Costco made the right move and we only wish more retailers would follow their lead and offer foods and beverages that are as close to nature as possible without adding all that other stuff.