Crispr Cows

The Lempert Report
March 15, 2022

Phil: So, Sally, what do you think about U S D A's decision to allow gene edited CRISPR technologies on our cows? 

Sally: Hi, Phil. I think this is really big news. You know, they're, they're going to clear the marketing of food products from cattle that has been altered with CRISPR technology which has been around for a while. And what's interesting about it is, you know, we're, we're facing a lot of issues with climate change and this, this trait that they are altering makes these cows have a liquor coat, a slick hair so that they can withstand high temperatures better. Now, now, according to scientists and the FDA, they are saying that this is already a naturally occurring mutation that happens in cows that are raised in tropical environments. 

Phil: So just so everybody knows, we're not talking about GMOs. What we're talking about with CRISPR is they can go in, they can either turn off or on a particular gene in this case, it's the hair of the cows, that, that they're turning off so that the cows don't grow as much hair so that they can be in these climates. The other thing that probably is the most important, I think for consumers and for retailers to understand is they will not have to label this as being you know, gene manipulated and my, my issue and my question is gonna be whether or not a lot of consumer groups jump on this and really make it a, an argument for people thinking that it's gonna be GMO because the difference between CRISPR and GMO is significant, but in, I think the average consumer's mind that gets lumped together. And as a result of that, a lot of confusion. So I think we're gonna hear a lot more about this.