Cropdots, a Mobile Farmstand

The Lempert Report
October 22, 2015

Getting local produce to local shoppers is not always as easy as it should be.

Whether you’re living in a food desert, or maybe just find it tough to get to a nearby Farmer’s Market or maybe it's too expensive when you get there, either way fresh, local produce should be more accessible. Well one start-up is tackling just that. Check out Cropdots! The mobile peer-to-peer marketplace that allows local food producers nationwide to connect and sell to local consumers. Check it out here.

Here's how it works; local growers can photograph and list on the Cropdots app what they are growing,  set a price and estimate a total quantity they're willing to share. They can tell buyers their pick-up spot or bring items to buyers. For consumers, they can simply log on to the app, view local options and buy from multiple gardens in one cashless transaction.Basically, sellers are able to connect with local shoppers, and sell their produce right in their own neighborhood. 

Creator of the Cropdots mobile app, Jennifer Arrington spoke with and said this idea came to her after becoming increasingly   frustrated - not only with trying to find time to get to a farmer's market, but also the rising costs and the fact that many vendors only accept cash. After a late-night grocery run at a local supermarket, to find only organic peppers from Holland, she decided it was time for a change. She said quote; “When we don’t buy local food, nutritional value is lost in transit - not to mention food miles’ impacts on climate change.”

With the demand for locally grown, natural food continuing to rise Cropdots is coming at an opportune time. The Cropdots app went live last year and now has users all over the country. The app is currently in English and supports only US dollars but according to Arrington the next steps are adding other languages and currencies to make it efficient for everyone around the world. 

For consumers and sellers alike innovative startups like this are beneficial. Next time your tree bears fruit and you want to sell, or for consumers next time you know you won’t be able to make it to farmers market but want some local, fresh produce.. make sure to check out Cropdots!