Curing the hangover, Supermarkets to the rescue!

The Lempert Report
August 25, 2014

A majority of U.S. drinkers experience hangovers

In an exclusive national consumer poll by The Lempert Report, a majority of U.S. drinkers experience hangovers (57.0%) – and most who do (58.3%) say the hangovers are more intense than they used to be.  

Although just one in eight (12.2%) say the hangovers come “always” or “usually,” the unpleasantness drives them to try to avoid hangovers entirely, or reduce their frequency and intensity.

The most common steps to deal with a hangover?  Findings showed that the top three were, drinking water (89.8%), sleep (69.4%) and drink less than I used to (69.4%)! 

In order, people say red wine is the most common drink choice in their household (71.8%), followed by beer (57.7%), white wine (50.6%), craft beer (42.4%), vodka (30.6%), and whiskey (24.7%).  More than four in ten (43.5%) told TLR in the survey they consume an alcoholic beverage once a week, three in ten (30.6%) say “most days of the week,” and 14.1% say once or more a day.

While none of this seems excessive, given the widespread risk of hangovers and unsafe behaviors, we suggest that supermarkets inform shoppers about common food products that could help – such as coffee, coconut water, eggs, ginger, as well as B and C vitamins, juice (to restore glucose and vitamin C, bananas (to restore potassium) and asparagus (enzymes break down toxins).  

Stores may also want to promote responsible drinking and curtail irresponsible driving in two ways:  offer home delivery of wine, beer and spirits, and consider selling some of the new inexpensive personal breathalyzers reaching the marketplace.