Dannon Gives Back

The Lempert Report
March 10, 2022

Phil: You know, last week you, you did a great report women's history month and you know, it, it continues. So what's going on with Dannon and women. 

Sally: Well, I love what they're doing here with these new light and fit products or, or diff two flavors that are new to the line. It's the lemon cream and the orange cream, Greek nonfat yogurt. These two products are going to help raise money for an organization called dress for success. Now, I find this such a cool organization. We actually have this in our neighborhood, one of these one of the branches of this, and what you can do is you can go in there and anywhere between one to $10, you can find professional attire for work. That is from really great brands, you know, like Banana Republic, J crew, Ann Taylor clothes that are really nice, nice for women who are having a hard time affording buying those clothes for, in whether it's for interviews or going to work. And what I found interesting about what's going on right now with women in the workforce is that nearly 1 million women left workforce due to reasons related to the, the pandemic childcare, you know, not so, so it's, it's really important to help these women get back and have economic independence. 

Sally: And I just think this is a great program that Dannon has to support this dress for success. 

Phil: I agree. I think, I think that, you know, we need more companies to step up, do things like this, we're all in this together. So that's what we've learned from the pandemic. So if we have these leading brands doing things like this, and, and sure it's great to donate money to feeding America and things like that, but we really need to stretch it out and, and do more things like this. So I agree with you. I, I love what Dannon is doing.