Developing a Video Presence

The Lempert Report
November 05, 2013

Supermarkets need to make their presence known in the digital world. But what about videos?

Twitter, Facebook, Apps, to stay relevant nowadays, Supermarkets need to make their presence known in the digital world. But what about videos? According to a newly released study of 1,073 consumers this past December by the e-tailing group there's been a consumer surge of product video viewing online in recent years, which as a result has compelled 70% of retailers in 2012—up from 59% in 2011—to make video part of their Web shopping experience. According to this new research, product video views are a growing part of consumers’ path to purchase—52% watch regularly and 87% at least once in a while. The more information-intense the product (such as refrigerators or computers), the more views; three out of four survey respondents (74%) watched videos two to four times for complex products before buying, the data show. As a result, The Lempert Report urges supermarkets to develop a stronger video presence on their websites— and it doesn't have to be the usual commercial type video we're used to. Consider for example, videos that feature local farm suppliers discussing the freshness and wholesomeness of their foods, or nearby wine growers talking about their vintages and the special conditions of their climate and soil. Or in-store deli chefs discussing prepared foods recipes. Or in-store bakers demonstrating their cake-decorating skills. Additionally, season videos are worth considering, for example one to explain a new cough-cold-flu-allergy remedy, or in summertime to show good techniques for applying sunscreen to kids, adults and the elderly. This is an additional approach retailers should think about when it comes to appealing to the modern consumer. Online videos can help retailers connect, they can offer advice and tips and they can build a trusted presence.