Dirty Soda

The Lempert Report
May 18, 2022

Phil: So, you know, dirty soda has become this phenomenon that frankly I find really disgusting. You know, the idea that you take a Shirley temple and an egg cream combination, a root beer float with melted ice cream, that wouldn't be too bad. A cream soda made with actual cream in it. A drink made of diet Coke, sugar free coconut, fresh lime and coconut cream. You know what what's going on here? You know, I mean, is this really a trend? I thought we're moving away from soda because of all of the sugar. What I'm hearing in all these cases is we're adding more sugar to soda rather than less, you know and the trend is soda sales are down. So is this something that the soda companies are really trying to push to reverse their sales decline? 

Sally: This may be one of those cases, Phil, where we're looking at the power of TikTok and especially celebrity culture because I'm sure you know who Olivia Rodrigo is. She's a big pop star. My daughter is a big fan of hers but apparently she took one of these dirty sodas. Now that's what they're calling it or SODIS and posted on TikTok and over a million hashtags on dirty soda just from her. So, so these kinds of trends we are seeing can become very, very popular if they take off on TikTok.

Phil: You know not to kick any brand of soda, but here's another one. Mountain Dew fruit syrups with a shot of half and half there's another one called Sugar Daddy, Mountain Dew mixed with raspberry mango, pineapple vanilla and half and half. I'll keep my bottled water.