Diverse Food & Agriculture White House Support

The Lempert Report
July 27, 2023

The White House has announced last week or two weeks ago, 262.5 million investment in institutions of higher education that will foster the next generation of diverse AG professionals across the nation. So this is all about educating people to work in agriculture, and this is so important because what we find is the average age of a farmer is in their 60s. They've got some severe problems. So if, in fact, we can use this to identify and inspire the next AG leaders, they're all going to win.

Sally: Absolutely, and you know I hope Americans really realize the value in programs like this, that you know, programs like this go in and help our youth to learn what the future of our food system and agriculture looks like. And not only are they helping food but they are helping communities that are underserved in these areas or that haven't quite had the opportunity to get involved in the food system and the agricultural system. So you know, we're looking at ethnic communities and we're looking at underserved communities that need a little help in getting these programs going so that they can they have a chance at some of these great jobs, at being a part of our future agriculture.

Phil: Absolutely, and it just helps everybody. The closer and we've talked about this for years, that the closer the people can come to growing their food, the better it is, the better understanding and the health outcomes are huge.