Dollar Tree Tips

The Lempert Report
March 14, 2023

I am fascinated by this 30 year old, by the name of Rebecca Chobat. She comes from North Carolina. She has this TikTok channel, that teaches people how to live off Dollar Tree groceries. She has a bunch of videos that range from, you know, some that are close to 750,000 views. She has 10.2 million likes, 750,000 followers. And what I find fascinating, she started her YouTube channel about seven or eight years ago. Originally it was about budgeting. Then what she did is she actually had gastric sleeve surgery. She lost 120 pounds and actually chronicled that on her YouTube channel, which led to her now doing these recipes. Not just about healthy food by any means, but foods that you can buy from Dollar Tree to save money and have tasty dishes. And I just think that what she's doing is really cool.

Sally: I agree, Phil, this is, you know, as we know, our younger generations are really great at creating content for social media, particularly TikTok and a lot of them are really supporting retailers and brands by teaching people, like in this case, how to shop at a Dollar Tree. For $35 a week, you can feed yourself three meals a day. It's incredible that she's found a way to do this. And what's even more interesting to me is that, you know, not only is this such a great service to people who are struggling with buying food right now with the prices, as well, but these dollar stores are getting a lot more customers these days. And as they continue to expand their stores and to expand their offerings into fresh foods, more frozen foods and canned vegetables and things, then there's gonna be a lot more opportunity for Rachel to show us what we can do with all of these different items at a very low cost.

Phil: Absolutely. And, what I love about her TikTok videos is they're not fancy. But what she does is really focus on content versus the glitz. So it's great. And as you point out, both dollar stores, Dollar Tree and Dollar General are expanding. Dollar General, just last week, said they're gonna open up more than a thousand new stores. Their penetration of refrigerated and Frozen continues to increase, which I think is fabulous, great news for all of us. And good for them to see the trend and then react to it.