Doritos After Dark

The Lempert Report
December 22, 2022

Phil: So we just found out about this, which is why we're telling you there's only two days left, that if you're in Las Vegas between now and December 21st, Doritos has opened up Doritos after Dark. So these are people who get hungry who want late night bites delivered straight to their hotel doors. Dorito says when they want it the most, Dorito's flaming Hot, Cool Ranch corn puppies, Dorito's nacho average Nachos, Dorito's spicy Sweet Chili Chicken Bites and Dorito's Cool Ranch loaded pita. So what's interesting to me is why Doritos chose just to do this from December 16th through December 21st. Number one, maybe there's something going on in Las Vegas, I didn't check, that's really important, that's gonna have all these people do it. But I think it's a really interesting idea, and if in fact it has been successful, I think that not only Doritos, but other brands might try the same thing, but not just temporarily for a week, but, you know, open up after dark places. I know here in Santa Monica there's a bunch of the bars that have late night menus for those people who, you know, I guess are drinking all day and then want a late night menu from one to three o'clock in the morning. 

Sally: Yes. It's one of the things I miss the most about living in LA is being able to order food whenever I want, because we don't have that luxury here in Tennessee. Yeah, and you know, this, this whole Doritos after Dark and Doritos recipes, Doritos dishes, it makes me wonder what they're doing on TikTok and what they're doing on social media to really hype up this idea, this concept, because it sounds like a TikTok trend. A TikTok recipe. 

Phil: Yeah, it does.