Eggo Waffles PR Stunt

The Lempert Report
November 08, 2023

This is a story about how two American icons joined together to create a unique PR partnership. I'll let you decide if it's a success, failure or just another food boondoggle looking for a reason to exist. Eggo waffles have become a staple in American breakfast culture, it’s actually a tale of innovation, savvy marketing, and the evolving landscape of American eating habits.

A few weeks ago a 'partnership' with Bissell, the 140 year old vacuum cleaner company, was announced. The Eggovac Robotic Vacuum and Mop is a limited edition that is sold in limited quantities and just online. They are 'dropping' limited quantities which quickly sell out - and why not, besides getting a vacuum that looks like an Egg waffle with butter and syrup then normal price of the SpinWave is $549.99 but this limited edition sells for just $150 - plus you get a gift card for $50 worth of Eggs waffles.

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