Empty Shelves in The Edeka Store Makes A Point

The Lempert Report
October 16, 2017

The Edeka, a supermarket in Hamburg Germany, removed all foreign-made products from its shelves to illustrate just how reliant Germany is on people from around the world reports the Washington Post.

The Independent reports that the experiment might expand to more stores in the chain. 

Surprised customers browsed mostly empty aisles, where goods had been replaced with signs reading, “This shelf is pretty boring without diversity,” “Our range knows no boarders,” “This is how empty a shelf is without foreigners,” and “We will be poorer without diversity.” 

This comes at a critical time as the UK still is contemplating its departure from the EU. And can you just imagine what their supermarket shelves would look like without imports? 

“In our stores, we sell numerous foods which are produced in the various regions of Germany,” said a spokeswoman for Edeka. “But only together with products from other countries, it is possible to create the unique variety that our consumers value.” 

Julia Klöckner, a vice Chairperson of the Christian Democratic Union party, Angela Merkel’s party, praised it on social media, calling it a “wise action” that would give people pause to think. 

According to The Independent one customer, Sven Schmidt, shared images of the store on social media, which they reprinted din the newspaper. He told the Independent that he liked the campaign. “Looking at all the mentions of hate and lack of understanding of other people I got, I'm happy that I posted it and showed my two cents against the racists, even though I know it was mainly about diversity.”